Treatment and Costs

Your dog is my Priority, each session is individually tailored to achieve the best outcome for you and your dog whether this is ongoing maintenance, relaxation or rehabilitation from injury/Orthopaedic issue. I ensure that during and after the treatment you are clear about what is going on. I actively encourage you to remain with your dog during the treatment.

Initial Consultation

The consultation will include;

Gait (Movement)and postural Analysis
A full consultation around Diet and Supplements, Lifestyle, Medical history and existing Issues of concern.
Full palpation, Body mapping and Muscular Assessment identifying areas of pain and injury

Up to 1 hour of massage therapy treatment.

I recognise the importance of having a good relationship with Veterinary professionals;

as such I complete a  report which is sent to your Vet following treatment where necessary, also if massage therapy is not suitable or following treatments results are not being seen as part of best practice you will be referred back to your Vet for further investigation.

I am committed to getting the best results in the minimum number of appointments and will never see your dog over and over again aside for maintenance sessions or long term muscular/orthopaedic issues.

Some dogs may only need one session for maintenance and prevention of injury whereas others with specific conditions for example following Cruciate Ligament damage may need more; I will discuss my recommendations with you during the first session.

Any subsequent sessions consist of up to 1 hour of treatment tailored to meet the areas of need.

Appointments are £40 (As of 1st January 2017)


** Whilst I know cancellations are sometimes avoidable as much notice as possible is appreciated, appointments are sought after and there is often a waiting list for massage sessions, as such appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full.