Will I be able to stay with my dog during treatment?

Yes I actively encourage you to remain with your dog during the treatment.

Does it hurt?

If you have ever had a sports massage yourself, you will know that some of the techniques can be painful but you will also know that the improvement afterwards means it’s worth it. I always ensure that your dogs muscles are warmed up prior to deep work and finish with soothing strokes to ensure your dog feels relaxed.

Will my dog have any side effects following massage?

Following massage it is essential to keep your dog quiet and well hydrated. This is to allow the systems in the body to expel toxins and waste, allowing cellular regeneration essential for healing.
The more toxins that are present the stronger the reaction will be. This is known as ‘The Healing crisis’ or Herxheimer Reaction, it is completely normal reaction which is not specific to dogs. I will explain the signs to look for following treatment but some symptoms may be:
Euphoric excitable behaviour
An increase in symptoms
Being down in the dumps

Do you have a clinic or do you do home visits?

Due to the demand for appointments unfortunately I no longer have the time to complete home visits. All appointments are at my clinic in Heybridge Essex.