Spondylosis / Spondylitis

Massage Therapy can provide the following benefits for dogs suffering from Spondylosis

During massage areas of bony spurs are treated with extreme care

Signs and Symptoms; Animals affected are often asymptomatic however you may see;

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Spondylosis also known as Spondylosis Deformans or Ankylosing Spondylitis is a degenerative condition of the spine generally associated with ageing animals. The condition is characterised by the production of bone spurs or osteophytes which are projections of bone along the ventral and lateral surfaces of the vertebrae creating bridges between vertebrae. The formation of such projections are generally in response to injury either major or repeated minor traumas with older large breeds being at higher risk of this condition, there may also be some inherited predisposition to suffer from this condition, the exact cause of Spondylosis however is not completely understood. Commonly affected areas are T9-T10, L2-L4.

Spondylosis begins with the breakdown of Sharpey Fibres which make up the annulus or outer portion of the Intervertebral disks, following this the inner disk material begins to protrude stretching the longitudinal ligaments encouraging the growth of bony spurs.

It is a condition which can range from imperceptible to debilitating although it rarely causes severe problems as the spinal column is not compressed, however when the condition is widespread the spinal column may become completely inflexible due to the spurs creating bridges between the vertebrae. Problems will occur if these break or grow upwards potentially pinching nerves as they grow into the surrounding tissue