Why Massage

Massage Therapy is a natural hands on therapy which is recorded within many ancient civilisations, it is a holistic therapy which supports the body to heal itself.

Massage involves the manipulation of superficial, deep muscles and connective tissues using many specialist techniques and movements, it helps to speed the healing process, eliminate toxins from the body, promotes a feeling of wellbeing and can provide a natural form of pain relief.

Dogs by their nature are very resilient when in pain and obviously they can’t tell us what is going on. Muscular pain can be debilitating, here are just some of the reasons that dogs are referred for Massage Therapy which very often provides benefits that astound their owners –

Pet Dogs – Stiffness, Lameness, change in personality, losing sparkle, aging overnight getting old before their time, reluctance to be groomed/touched, Emotional issues – rescued dogs, nervous dogs, difficulty getting into the car or onto sofa

Performance Dogs Agility Performance eg pole knocking, weave entry, slowing down, injury rehabilitation, contact issues
Show Dog eg Pacing, Gait irregularity, Nerves, Struggling to hold show pose
Canix or Sledging eg lameness, endurance issues
Obedience eg send away issues, sit/stay problems
Working Trials eg: scale problems, long jump issues, lack of focus/concentration, unwilling to perform, lameness

Post Operative Recovery – Cruciate Liagament Repair, Hip replacement, TPLO,  TTA, Spinalsurgery

Neurological Problems – CDRM, Inter vertebral Disc Disease, Spinal Lesions

Orthopaedic Issues – Arthritis, OCD (Osteochondrosisdessicans) , Hip Dysplasia, Spondylosis, Luxating Patella, Injury Rehabilitation eg: Fracture, Elbow Dysplasia (See Conditions)

Senior Dogs – Natural Pain Management, Helping quality of life, to ease stiffness, soreness, aches and pains, to enable them to walk more freely, prolong longevity, Arthritis management

Behaviour – Head shy, Nervous, Change in behaviours, Recent aggression on touching, Phobias – fireworks, cars, travelling, reluctance to be touched

Health Management – Injury investigation via palpation for example if xrays or MRI have been unable to find issue, Injury rehabilitation, Sudden onset lameness, Maintenance massage

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