Essex Canine Massage is owned and run by Cassie Iddison (nee Collins)  providing clinical massage therapy for dogs within the County of Essex. 

Cassie has quickly gained a reputation as one of Essexs leading Canine Bodyworkers, her thorough approach and commitment to gaining results has meant many Vets now refer directly.

A recent testimonal; ”Cassie treats all my dogs but most frequently she treats my young agility dog, a border collie called Kiah. Cassie is a huge part of Kiahs fitness and conditioning programme and she treats her on a routine basis. Cassie is an absolute expert at her profession and I trust her completely to keep Kiahs muscles healthy and help us to avoid any potential injuries. I would (and do!) recommend Cassie wholeheartedly to anyone needing help rehabbing a dog from an injury or as a routine treatment for older or sporting dogs. We all love her!” 

15494043_10154638133425351_1808658446_n Kiah Grade 7 Agility Superstar 🙂

Trained by Natalie Lenton of The Canine Massage therapy Centre, completing the  Therapeutic Canine Massage Diploma in 2012  Cassie is trained in a unique form of massage which has a results driven approach; Most clients report positive changes from the very first session. Encompassing Swedish, Sports, Deep tissue and Myofascial release techniques. Educated by an extensive knowledge of Canine Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology (Gait and Movement), Orthopaedic issues.

Following 2 short periods of maternity leave Cassie now runs clinics in Heybridge on a part time basis – Appointments are incredibly sought after – at peak times waiting lists may apply. Emergency appointments will always be prioritised. 

Pet, Cani-cross, Agility, Show dog, Racing, Working, Field trial, Jumping, Shutzhund, Flyball

whatever your dogs discipline Massage therapy is an essential part of ensuring their overall health, well-being and performance.

Essex Canine Massage is committed to providing a high level of service by;

*Always respecting the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1996 by never working upon an animal without Veterinary consent.
Actively working with your Vet. Providing a report where necessary to your vet detailing  findings following initial treatment.

*Asking to see your dog for the minimum amount of appointments necessary

*Working with/Referring on to other professionals such as Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy.

*Always ensuring that you the client are aware of what is happening and being open to questions at all times

*Declining to provide massage therapy where it will not be beneficial or where a contraindication applies

*Being Fully insured with Public Liability and Professional indemnity insurance

*Remaining up to date with developments in holistic approaches to animal care along with continually updating skills via Continuing Professional Development